Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cam's Even Song - Star Spangled Truth

Hear The Track Here

Cameron (Cam) Bastedo is a Soundclick veteran by anybodies standards. He's been on this site for almost as long as I have and I've been here forever... He makes great music, he's a songwriter par excellence, he is much respected by his peers, including myself, for his musical abilities as well as his cogent, incisive reviews that have been a staple of Critics Corner for years. He's also (as they say) one of the good guys. His music is a reflection of his life and thoughts, and - as a committed Christian -his relationship with his Maker. I find that admirable being a firm believer of the 'actions speak louder than words' school. Knowing all that, there is one thing that puzzles me. Why does he seem to get ignored every time he puts out something new? That's the crazy thing about SC forum life isn't it? We all struggle to get the slightest crumb of encouragement but my gosh, it's hard to come by. It, of course, makes people like Cam even more valuable because there are so few of them (yes I am talking about myself too) so do him/them a favour and thank them for their reviews when you get one, and be neighbourly enough to give him/them a listen too. THAT, my friends, is wot makes a community.

Anyway, enough bile, let's rock...

Cam is right up there in my estimation, each track he delivers is so markedly different from the one preceeding it and yet still be the very essence of the man. Star Spangled Truth (as you can imagine) pursues a bit of a topical bent - as is common with a lot of Cam's stuff - but whatever your politics the point underlying that is the music and Star Spangled Truth is very good indeed. Set in a fairly typical soft rock arrangement, with some lovely melodies, the track is either going to get you or not especially if your view of world events differs from Cam's. No matter what the sentiment, I personally think I haven't heard Cam sounding better vocally on anything I've heard previously.

At first I thought he reminded me of SC's own Rey Varela but after a few plays that wore off and all sorts of other influences hit me. Nonetheless another fine song from an artist that just keeps getting better and better. Like his The Truth On Christmas, the more I played the track the more I grew to like it, it's familiarity becoming a comfort when needed. That, surely, must be the aim of any serious musician, and it's a rare musician who pulls it off. Ultimately with Cam's work, it's the songs that stay with you more than anything else and Star Spangled Truth is right up there with the very best of them. The vocals, however, are the real highspot of the track, warm as toast, slick as butter and as refreshing as a good cup of tea. If you are already a fan of this musician this is vocal is really gonna knock you on your ass. I urge you, unless you already know who Cam is, to check out this individualistic, feelgood musician and this track would be a good place to start.

Highly Recommended (whatever your politics)

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