Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cameron Pierce - Something Like Heaven

Hear The Track Here

As someone who personally witnessed the so called 'Golden Age' of music, I still hear echoes of that time in much of the music I hear today. It is true that the 1960's (and the 70's too I guess) set the template for what is acceptable to a mass public. And one of the areas most affected by this has been the singer with vocal harmonies first practiced by the awesome (and underrated) Four Seasons with Frankie Valli and polished to perfection by the immaculate work of The Beach Boys. That strain of music was added to and expanded by the British sounds of the time; the Beatles, The Hollies etc. All these strains of music have obviously also been a factor in Cameron Pierce's life because there is no denying the debt he is repaying, and repaying beautifully I might add.

I think that by now, after hoovering up almost his entire output, my position on this artists work is well known. Something Like Heaven is a blast from his Latmat past, the first or second track he wrote and recorded that has since been reworked and buffed up several times since then. I'm not sure whether I ever reviewed the original track but it sure sounds familiar to me. Now whether that is because I am so used to this guys style by now, or whether I actually did review it and forgot. I think it's probably a bit of both, because if you already like what this Canadian artist does, then you'll know exactly what I mean.

I also like Cameron's work because even though he still sounds 'home produced', its only noticable to nosy bastards like yours truly. Most people to be honest couldn't be arsed to even look for the join. All they are interested in is will it get me through the night. Well it will if you like anything I have described (in my own pathic, pewling way) above, and like the softer strains of rock. Even after having a good session with this track, I'm still in two minds about it. It's warm, catchy and infectious but there is something I feel that is missing. Maybe a certain sense of excitement? Something that shows a different side to this man? Or am I just being a picky dicky again...?


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