Thursday, June 08, 2006

Alchemystic - Hallucinogenic

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When I reviewed my first Alchemystic track (Sands Of Time, May 2005) I said it was an interesting blend of styles and recommended it. Since then, as we all know, Alchemystic has come onto the Soundclick scene like gangbusters. IMHO the key to figuring out an artists popularity (ie NOT the charts) is to see how many Soundclick stations are playing that artist. If you see something that says 'this artist is so popular that...' only a certain amount of stations are listed. By my reckoning anything approaching 100 stations is doing pretty well, above 100 is very, very popular...

It's fair to say that I have known about Alch's prediliction for mixing genres but generally I seem to have reviewed his more extended instrumental works (think score or soundtrack) than anything specifically ONE thing. Looking through the list of 60+ tracks on his page, you will come across all sorts of stuff from Heavy Metal through to experimental and even (as Hallucinogenic shows) hip hop. Albeit hip hop with a decided Alchemystic slant to it. Long a fan of the 'kitchen sink' approach to music making, this guy has excelled himself with the collection of sounds he rustles up this time to tickle our ears including a meaningful and acceptable use of my pet hate, the video game sound...

To be truthful, I found Hallucinogenic quite refreshing especially seeing as I was already set up for another Alchemystic outing. As with any track by this artist you are not going to be able to find my fault with production or - for that matter - arrangement or style. He's been around long enough to know all about packaging and presentation. All that remains for the listener to do is to be impressed, or not. For me there is enough technical artistry in here to keep me happy with it, even if I am not entirely sure about the genre fit. I couldn't put my hand on my heart and swear that this was one of this artists better works, but it sure as **** is better than most you'll hear in the genre.

Clever, sophisticated and cool. Very cool.

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