Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fragmented Vision - No Fragments

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Fragmented Vision is a new MP3 Unsigned name to me, and judging by some of the comments on his webpage, pretty much new to making music too. He started (it's another one man band) making music in 2005 and is currently using Reason and Cubase to make his electronic ambient. Not exactly a cherished genre of mine but - given that it's performed and structured well - is something that I can dip in and out of without too much strain. Fragmented Vision is a 21 year old from Kent in England but that's probably more information than you need right now...

After all, you are only here for the music, right?

At just over four minutes believe me this tune is not going to tax anybody's time overly much and - surprisingly enough - it's quite an enjoyable listen. Not sure how much of this is actually made by FV or whether any of it is musical loops, but if none of it is loops, this is a good job indeed. I have to admit right up front that I wasn't overly keen on the style and arrangement but I also admit that this is purely a personal thing, and that if you like electronic chill out, then this is track that will go down with you very well. It's unhurried, surprisingly unfussy arrangement and metre gently pulls you through the track which - to my mind anyway - is exactly what chill out is supposed to do.

There's some really neat sounds in here too, all wrapped up in a very clear, workmanlike production that belies the time that this guy has been making music. There's a maturity and depth about the sounds and arrangement that you wouldn't expect from someone so inexperienced and it bodes well for this artists future, and certainly makes me want to check out more material from this source. I particularly liked how close the kick drum and bass sounds were, which always gives a track a meatiness that it otherwise lacks. Those two sounds work in lockstep to pin down your ears so that you WANT to listen to it to see where it goes. Not a bad trick as it happens, and one I'm sure Fragmented Vision is likely to use again and again.

Recommended Electronic Ambient.

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