Monday, June 19, 2006

Omnisine - Twisted Minds

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Considering his age (18 or so), Omnisine is an electronica artist to be reckoned with, as members of that Soundclick scene have discovered. He's had a very good innings from me too, both as CJ Freq X and Omnisine, and all rightly deserved. I listen to a lot more electronica these days than is probably good for me and I knows wot I likes, and I like this Mumbai based artists style a lot. Not content to deliver some stunning licks and mighty melodic content goes the extra mile and twiddles and tweaks endless little tricks out of the sound and mix to keep the pot boiling...

Mmmmm tasty...

Chitrang Jagdish aka Omnisine is one of those musicians who seem instinctively to know which rhythms to employ to get the desired effect and Twisted Minds is a great example of this. From the effects driven intro, you get an idea of just how difficult it may be to ignore this track - as if you could. Once the piano line kicks in, it's all over, you'ze hooked. As a musician who is experimenting more and more with vocal cutups, drum echo tricks, and well placed scratches I can only nod my head in agreement with the selection and placing of these elements in the really likeable track. This artist has taught me to expect a bit more from him than yer average 'leccie, and in Twisted Minds he may well have raised the bar on himself.

I'm not sure whether it's because the elements he uses border on the kind of things I am into at the moment, or just because the guy is as good as I think he is, but this track has been knocking me dead ever since I first started hearing it. Definitely another keeper from this excellent artist and one I feel I can recommend even if the whole electronica thing makes you gag. There's no doubt that it will appeal more to people like me with a vested interest in this area but there is enough pure musical sense in this track that it should appeal to just about anybody willing to give it a listen. Certainly a welcome addition to this years crop of top tracks.

First rate electronica. Highly Recommended.

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