Monday, June 19, 2006

Mark Alexander - If You Were The One

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MP3 Unsigned artist Mark Alexander and I have a scorecard of one liked track, and one not so hot so let's see if we can even it up. Mark is basically a rock singer/songwriter (not that there is anything wrong with that) and it's a genre that does require you to stand out to be noticed. After all, there are a lot of these guys around, we're kinda spoilt for choice. Nonetheless, what I remember of Mark's work was that it was certainly pleasant to listen to, and that's never a bad thing for this reviewer. I suppose that's where I have a problem with this artist too. I don't want music to be pleasant to listen to, I want it to blow me on my ass.

Well, that'll be me. Still trying to live the impossible dream.

Considering that he ticks all the really BIG names in music over the past 30 years as influences, I can't fault the music he makes because it truly is an amalgam of just about anything you have heard. To my mind, that is the very best kind of pop music - ask The Beatles. Truth to tell, I think Mark DID ask the Fab Four, because that is the closest reference I can come to with this track. George Harrison tinged maybe, but definitely beatle-ish. It stands to reason that it's going to be fairly standard rock, laid back, with just the right amount of langour to make it believable.

It's to Mark's eternal credit that he pulls this off admirably, both in sound and feel. Again, though, I feel the material kind of lets it down but I'm not really a fan of this particular style so take that with a pinch of salt. If anything I've said above appeals to you then by all means go and have a listen to the track because it is very well performed and well balanced too. Mark has a voice that is custom built to fit, his Lennon-ish delivery bringing the right emphasis to the lyrics. I am, and was always, a big fan of the Beatles early catalog (the first four albums) and there is a Hard Days Night feel about this track I found very attractive, especially the guitar break.

Brings back all the right memories...

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