Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Automek/2ndmouse - Artist Overview

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A bit of a strange review this because it's going to combine two different artists, all convincing played by one guy who appears to be from the Isle of Man. Hey, don't knock it til you've tried it. Automek is the new name for an old Soundclick electronica face 2ndmouse and seeing as they both have tracks on this list might as well combine efforts. So, Automek first methinks... Started because 2ndmouse's stuff was 'too light' and he wanted to make heavier, industrial sounds and a cute furry rodent cannot be destruction's mascot. It just ain't right, is it?

Personally I didn't find Blood Sweat & Tears that industrial, and over the course of a few plays, showed itself as being a very strong track in lots of ways. The arrangement, the sounds employed and the languid ease the rhythm all helped to establish the track as a serious contender - whatever your musical preference. In this case, you would need to like the whole electronica experience leavened with a love of cutup rejigged, recycled vocals. All the kind of stuff that floats my boats le me tell you. I was most impressed by Blood Sweat and Tears - it shows a definite grasp of what makes a track work in terms of sound and - more importantly - wondering wtf is going to be coming up next...

Judging by 2ndmouse's Selah, I can understand why he wanted a different name for this material. Out of the two I must admit I preferred the Automek stuff, but that's probably a personal choice. Selah was a bit more electronica than I like, even though I found myself grooving to its insidious little beat machine. It's also a lot more experimental in feel than most straightforward electronica having come by way of Billy Cobham recordings as inspirational material and it shows. In feel, 2ndmouse has this down and that - to me - is what makes this track a worthwhile listen. In both cases, this artist shows that he knows what he wants and - except for some little production niggles - he seems to get it. Worth checking out for a listen anyway and the link is a straightforward link to download Blood Sweat and Tears, which I highly recommend if you like electronica with a difference.

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