Sunday, June 25, 2006

Soul Dust - Infectious Greed

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In the early 1970's I spent a few years living cheek by jowl with two bands that have since become legend. As a long time Ladbroke Grove resident, I lived in close proximity to the groups of people who slowly became - in no particular order - Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies. Both bands provided me with all the musical staples I needed - although in very different ways; Hawkwind shattered your eardrums while expanding your mind and the Pink Fairies shattered mind and eardrums. It's true, of course, that the base for both these bands was rock - pure and simple. Since that time I have always had a soft spot for the rougher end of the rock scale - and that explain my particular penchant for Soul Dust. IMHO, the Canadian version of what those two bands were about; rock, pure simple and totally unadorned.

Like caressing your ears with a nail file... Aaahhhh, that's better....

The reason I am blabbering on about this is because - to me - the music just sounds a million times better when it soaked in the [i]ethos[/i] of rock. Freewheeling, free spirited and f*** you if you don't like it. As I've said a million times before, to really get to know Soul Dust it would be best if you liked your music raw. Or, in Soul Dust's case, 'just show it the oven OK?'. A prime asset (one of several) of Soul Dust is the songwriting and lyrical abilities of Andre Bourget whose work echoes all the very best of the genre - including in this case political commentary. See? Talk about touching all the bases... Although the song is essentially aimed at corporations and the profit motive, the underlying message about greed in all it's forms is one I can get particularly close to.

There is no doubt in my mind that Soul Dust would be an absolutely kickass live band, everything about their tracks shouts that and Infectious Greed would be one hell of a live track. Aaah, to be in the moshpit to this one... Because they are so much a real band, it seems only fair to single them out for a change. Hilton Hartwell along with Ron Twemlow (bass and drums respectively) provide the tracks backbone with considerable power and confidence, Mik Shaflik (he who I have written reams about his classic rock voice) is in top form and Andre... Andre is fekking WAAAAAIILLLLLINGGGG. Rock in the time honoured fashion, delivered by some extremely serious musicians. Canada should consider itself lucky it's sons have such good taste.

MUST HAVE (even for non rock fans - it's a cracking song)

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