Friday, June 30, 2006

RC (NJ) - 2 - Changes Feat Tupac

Hear The Track Here

As you can see, we are stepping into dangerous territory here. I know that Tupac is no longer with us but presumably someone, somewhere still owns the rights to his material. I know that the hip hop world has a tendency to eat itself (ie cannabalising other tracks for inspiration/beats) but surely even using this small a chunk of commercial music is copyright infringment. As if that weren't bad enough, the main verse uses (I think anyway) a Bruce Hornsby piano lick as musical accompaniment. Admittedly it's been a bit chewed up but it's still a highly recognisable riff that anyone would spot within one play.

RC, you may want to withdraw this track from SC, because I feel for sure it contravene's this sites rules...

Anyway, while it's here I did have a listen (or six) to it and drew some pretty firm conclusions. 1. RC is very new to this game, 2. he is young (16) and 3. He has nothing in the way of equipment except his voice. Nothing wrong with that I say, in fact there are musicians I have met on this site that have similar situations but manage to come up with something that could feasibly call their own. It is true, however, that he has a decent flow but - as is common with the genre - no lyrics are on display and the state of the vocal recording don't really assist in figuring out wtf is going down.

Where the track REALLY falls down is what I can only describe as the chorus when RC uses the Tupac fragment and (I believe) some other vocal sounds and the clash of these two styles is truly horrendous. The kind of sound that makes you cringe. I'll put this basic error down to the artists age, but it doesn't do him (or his friends) any favours, someone should have told the guy long before this that this plain doesn't work. No doubt, I'll be getting it in the neck for speaking what I consider to be the truth - that also seems to be the case for most of the hip hop crowd - but who knows, maybe RC will recognise that I am not out to diss him, merely saying EXACTLY what I think about what he is doing.

Your rap is cool dude, but everything else needs a severe shaking...

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