Sunday, December 06, 2009

New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack - Sunriders

Hear The Track Here

For some obscure reason known only to the Gods of the internet, the whole world and his brother are beating a path to my blog with review requests. So much so that this month (for the first time ever) I have precisely half the number of requests I normally get through Soundclick (which this month numbers 30 odd tracks). Consequently, I'm going to start this month with a couple of artists that no-one on Soundclick - to my knowledge - is even aware of. Why? Well, variety is the spice of life my friend and although the Soundclick forums are ridiculously fruitful, it does tend to be a lot of the same names. So, New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack? Whoodat?? Well, one thing is for sure, they ain't from Noo Yawk dawg, they from Yorkshire, England ee by gum (Ed: A well known Yorkshire saying apparently). Rock/garage/grunge is how My Spazz has them billed and that's intruiging enough to get me listening.

As the band cite The Doors, MC5, Steppenwolf or Joy Division as their influences on their You Tube site, I have every reason to think that at least this is a band that may well live up to the label, because they knew where this style actually came from. Mik Davis, Matt Graham and Jimmy Bridle are collectively NYAAA and, given their modern slant, actually do come real close to the garage band ideal certainly if Sunriders is anything to go by. Having said that, I think the mastering of the track could have been a lot better because - once the initial impression wore off - compared to the tracks I had either side of it on my playlist it sounded tame and one dimensional.

There again, by checking out the Guns and God video it's obvious that the problem lies only with this track, Guns and God is smoking in more ways than one. Do that and I'm sure you'll also check out the We Are The Chosen video which again shows that the band's obvious strength is with the live experience. They've also got a bit of a bonus in the frontman/vocalist who probably came out of the womb with the requisite Rock God pose and who has the look of a Bolan about him. To be sure, their musical style has its rough edges but it's early days yet... At last, the TRUE antidote to the Artic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand's of this world.

Excellent garage rock. Highly Recommended.


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