Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bud Pests - Artist Overview

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As you can see, there is more than a whiff of favouritism with this review. Not one, but two tracks. Moreover, Bud Pests, are a brand new name to me so why would I single them out for particular mention? The clue is in their band name, all you have to do is work it out. There again, I guess I'd better take pity on you, otherwise we'll be here all day. Bud Pests is, in fact, a mashup of Dubstep which in itself is a mashup of a mashup and so on... Ahhhh, you say, as the lightbulb suddenly sputters into life. THAT's why I am showing such favouritism because Reggae/Dub and all its derivatives is also my own special area of expertise and I am always up for listening to such music - provided it is shown the proper respect. And that's a big, big deal breaker right there...

Own Personal b*** (Shut up Dub) shows that the Bud Pests know their genre with some smooth dubby sections, intercut with mashup vocal samples, although from the dance end of the spectrum rather than dancehall, if you catch my drift. It certainly sounds good, especially in the vital bottom end, and all in all I found it a right good listen. Mind you, after a few listens it becomes glaringly obvious that there is a lot of repetition going on and - once you get used to it - I found it became a bit annoying. I wanted it to go on to the next section and it never did.
Now maybe that's just being anal and a purist to boot but....

Zion Dub Drops (Piece of Cake Mix) comes off sounding all new-agey, all electronic sweeps and pads before a sharp synth sequence introduces the main theme. Again, couldn't swear that this was really dubstep per se but - once it gets going - it's got a nice kick to it. As I say a bit too electronica for my own particular taste but a very decent tune for all that. Love the percussion introduced just after the midway point, it really helps to lift the tune right when it needs it most. Like Own Personal B**** though it suffers from overuse of phrases and could do with a bit more variety going on to really sustain interest, It's always a good thing to keep people guessing where you are going next with it, know what I mean. Nonetheless, a good introduction to an ever-growing Dubstep scene on Soundclick and I am all for that.

Decent Dubstep, oh aye.... Recommended.

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