Sunday, December 27, 2009

James Crosbie Hancox - Dead Man Walking

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I am a big fan of South Park and the first thing I noticed about James Crosbie Hancox is how he looks like one of the SP characters. Not really, of course, but he has a character as his band icon and - damnit - I want, want, want one. Otherwise, screw you guys....I'ma going home. James is a musician/songwriter from Liverpool who we have made the acquaintance of this year with a string of distinctive, nay different, takes on a tired old Alternative genre. Matter of fact, Walking Wounded (November 2009) is still being played in my household, a hangover from last month that refuses to let go. Definitely this musicians best yet.

Dead Man Walking is 'about being calm and composed on the outside but mad as hell on the inside' says James in the song comments which - as it happens - is an accurate description of the bulk of the UK population. Although the base of the track is rock, James injects enough of a modern sound and mood that it definitely carries the 'angry young man' torch espoused by bands like Snow Patrol, Hives et al. Which I know is immensely popular, but a lot of it I can't stand to be honest. Way too much introspection for my liking, if you know what I mean.

There again, I have liked this musicians tracks in the past, out of the four tracks I have reviewed so far none has done less than a highly recommended which is not bad going at all. Fact is, the man is a good songwriter, putting together some excellent images to go along with the easy to take music soundtrack. Certainly I have no complaints about Dead Man Walking either as a song or production, other than the fact that it borders on the ballad, but a lot of this genre does so I guess I shouldn't complain. Do I think it is as good as the commercial Serious Brigade? Damn straight, this is a terrific song.

Excellent Alternative. Highly Recommended.

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