Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nigel Potter - Kill or Cure

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You would think that the amount of things linking Nigel Potter and I down the years, we would have met somewhere along the line but nope, never met the man. Know all about him, as I am sure he is equally aware of my own sordid history, but we've only connected online. I've reviewed him before if I recollect properly but it was a long time ago with a song called Spaceflight Part 1: Let There Be Light (May 2005) and again with an excellent collaboration with Carol Douglas that I cannot remember the name of no matter how hard I try. I'm hoping the man himself can enlighten me on this one. Since then he's grown a lot more well known and is probably spread out as wide as the rest of us

So, if anyone is a 'classic rock' musician to his fingertips it would be ol' Nige. I started off in that genre, much as he did, but I wandered mightily off the point over the years and it shows. To be really impressive with this stuff, you really do have to be steeped into the whole ethos of it, and that's a complaint never issued towards Nigel Potter. If the big names of rock (Floyd, Led Zep et al) interest you then check out Nigel Potter. On Kill or Cure, he takes a more prog rock approach to things and if you were around in the 1970's you will certainly recognise the overall sound..

(Ed: uh oh, did he just say prog-rock?)

I did indeed say prog-rock and Kill or Cure is a very respectable prog length too (close on seven minutes) so why do I sound so happy about it? Usually at this stage in the proceedings, I have artistic blood up to my elbows and body parts stacked up to the ceiling. The word, my friends, is authenticity. Bet you didn't know that Pink Floyd were/are classed as a prog-rock band did you? See, there is a very big difference in my mind to bands like Jethro Tull, Genesis, King Crimson and Yes, and to bands like Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Caravan and others who were the more poppy, accessible end of the spectrum. This is where Kill Or Cure lives and breathes and why we have avoided a bloodbath in this review. See, even a crusty old fart like me can like prog-rock PROVIDED you get the feel right - and it doesn't get much righter than this.... Now, where did I put that tab...? I know I had in in 1969 and put it somewhere safe...

MUST HAVE prog rock of the classic kind. (Ed: Good grief!!)

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