Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twisted Angel - On My Grind

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Canadian rapper Twisted Angel made a big impression on me this year, a hip hop artist who dares to be different. There's a thing. Out of the round half dozen tracks I have reviewed many have them have been blends of beats and different styles; goth, metal, r&b etc. On My Grind is a track from Twisted's latest 'mixtape' The Dirty Bazement and features Jaygo and Mcgillis who which I know absolutely nothing but hey, never stopped me so far. Like the majority of hip hop on Soundclick this bad boy sports a nice Parental Advisory badge of pride in the art of profanity, although these are often mis-used in my opinion. Twisted promised a much more commercial slant on this, the first single from The Dirty Bazement, with none of his usual genre-stretching.

So long as it ain't 'soft' commercial eh?

Grind. I really like that word. Used it myself on a track and I hope I caught the real meaning of it, and so does Twisted Angel on this track. For me a good 'grind' track is pretty much all kick in the face and sparse but effective stabs and that's pretty much what happens on this. Where it differs is that where I would go into a more dancehall vocal stylee with a groove like this, Twisted remains true to the real (American) feel of hip hop, and sounds convincing and authentic.

I have to say that I do prefer when this rapper takes to the wilder side of music but that doesn't stop me being as impressed as hell at the sound quality and lyrical performance and yes sheer commerciality of On My Grind. This is exactly the kind of track I think shows that not only is the man talented but, when push comes to shove, can also nail down something as commercially viable and awesomely catchy as this. What it is not is 'soft' commercial AND it deserves the Parental Advisory but my God this is a solid block of hip hop heaven whichever way you look at it.

Excellent hard edged hiphop. Highly Recommended.

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