Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ron Vogel - Just Know Now

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Like most people I make my mind up about music quite quickly. Of course, being a reviewer obliges you to bypass that urge and every once a while it proves exceptionally worth it - and no doubt I'm going to tell you why. For now though, say hi to Ron Vogel, an Alternative musician from the USA. Regular readers will recall that we made our first encounter with him last month with Blazing; a solid chunk of rock that reminded this reviewer of the band Hawkwind. Although it was billed as prog-rock it didn't seem that way to me and I guess that is what saved it from the mincer and earned it a recommended along the way. Quite the reverse seems to have happened with Just Know Now, a track that leapt out at me from the get go - and that was before I started to listen to it properly...

OK, I am a sucker for a good song, especially if it's encased in a kind of rock format and that is precisely what Just Know Now comes up with. A song about living for the moment, a sentiment I heartily endorse. Think about it. If this IT, better store it up like a buncha hungry squirrels right? Besides, it pays really well to be observant, as any parent will testify. It is the small things that count. I think Ron has also applied that principle to the music too because his attention to audio detail on this track is awesome.

All kinds of things stick out at you once you play this track some (and you will want to) the inspired use of the gob-iron (Ed: harmonica) in the intro, the easy, confident stride of the backline, and the slide guitar passages and that's just a few of the highlights. Once the vocal and lyrics start to register on you, you begin to realise just how good this track is. OK, there is a slight (very slight) home produced feel about it but the quality of work and sound far, far outweighs those minor quibbles. I came away from this track with a big smile on my face singing 'I just know now there's sun' at the top of my lungs. That, my friends, is scary.

Highly Recommended Alternative pop.

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