Sunday, December 13, 2009

Charlie A - Socks - Really Like Her

Hear The Track Here

My introduction to Sarf London's Charlie Armour (aka Charlie A) was with a track called Bebee Bubba (July 2006) whose guest vocalist was the then one year old Lauren, his niece. Loved the track for sure, and its an even bet that its sense of humour helped enormously when it came to unveiling some of his more serious film soundtrack work. Having said that, Bebee is a cracking track and well worth the listen and the guaranteed chuckle it will give you. The reason I bring this up is because Lauren makes a welcome re-appearance on Socks - Really Like Her - along with Charlie too by the sounds of it.

Although the bulk of Charlie's output is undeniably musical, he does detour every once into a while into a comedic or wtf mode and it's usually worth the listen because he knows enough to make it interesting - even for the most casual listener. He's also my kind of guy; a slicer and dicer. Like many home musicians I've learned to adapt whatever vocal snippets I come across to properly fit the track I'm making so I've done my share of sound manipulation. It's a damn sight easier, let me tell you, than working with little bits of tape but it does require that you know what you are doing with that particular sample. The best joins of all are those you cannot see.

Charlie does the hatchet job perfectly, given what he has to work with, and Socks turns out to be much more than the intro might give you the impression of. Come on, the whole track comes in at just over two minutes, not much to ask for a warm glow inside and a cheesy smile on your face. Now maybe it's because I have children of my own that something like this would have appeal because I know a lot of people out there can't abide the sound of children in real life, let alone in the music they choose to listen to, Mind you, Charlie has developed a knack for this kind of stuff that is almost impossible not to like it, for all its cuteness. Aaaah, to love them (Ed: but I couldn't eat a whole one).

Recommended Electronic Whimsy.

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