Monday, December 28, 2009

Minimack - Down and Out/Minimix

Hear The Track Here

Not sure quite how this happened but I seem to have two Minimack tracks in my review bag this month. I think we experienced some confusion somewhere and I was supposed to review one and it changed to the other. Who knows? So, rather than dick about, I thought I may as well give Minimack a nice little two-fer for the New Year. Then I did some digging and discovered that I'd actually reviewed Down and Out (December 2008) and seeing as the track online is not updated, I wonder how come I have the track again. When I reviewed it originally I wrote ' the vocal really has to sound confident, relaxed, and in charge and what is there right now just doesn't' and I have to say that I didn't notice that in the version I currently have. Moreover, it brings it back to me just how good this track is in terms of a song/rap. Beats in this case supplied by the inimitable Sinima Beats.

It looks like Minimix is the real deal anyway because - as Mack obligingly informs us - 'Just a real quick mix of my upcoming projects'. A taster then, of things to come. If you know anything about the doings of Mack you will know that's he's been spending a lot of time constructing a studio and working on new tracks, and I assume this is a compilation of them. No information whatsover on who supplied the music (or indeed any information at all) but whoever it is, they know the way to strut their stuff because the snippets of tracks you get on this mix are certainly funky enough.

I have to admit I don't really understand why exactly Mack decided to release in this format, surely it would be more to the point to finish a track then see what gives? What I get from listening to this compilation is irritation, because there are tracks here I would dearly love to hear the final versions of - out of the seven or eight tracks on here, at least three were very, very good. Still if Mack is just looking for comments on the general sound and direction I'd have to say go for it. I've certainly heard worse hip hop and - final versions willing - there are some tracks here that will take some beating. Mind you, there isn't really enough to get hold of on any track to make a firm commitment. Quick zip through what Minimack is about and probably for fans only, but if you like hiphop this is well worth a listen, even if it's just for the craic.

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