Sunday, December 20, 2009

Necropolis JC - Outer Sanctum

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It's very heartening to see new names on my review list, and definitely so with Soundclick and with Necropolis JC being a metal band what could be sweeter? Necropolis JC 'is a project consisting of Culver Polley and Jordan Miles' aided by drummer Shuve and bassist Grant with 'one general purpose' of 'annihilating the rest of the world with mind blowing riffs and face melting solos' Aaah, would that were so but so often there is a chasm of difference between the words and the sound. I like heavy rock in all its forms from classic rock to Tool, Rammstein et al and I know what I like about it and what works and I'm not going to be too amused if it doesn't do what it says.

One the one hand, this did satisfy certain of my urges, the sound and fury of angry buzzing guitars, the pounding into the ground of the drums but left me wanting in others. There again with music that borders on both thrash and death metals its only to be expected that everything zips along as if its jet powered. I think it takes a particular kind of guitarist to make music like this work and yay, they do have to be major shredders and Necropolis JC have two excellent examples of it in Jordan and Culver.

Hand on heart, I don't particularly like this genre, even while I can appreciate and marvel at the dexterity needed to pull it off and I know there are millions of others (especially Americans) who really like all the pyrotechnics it involves. So I guess it doesn't matter what I think outside of a blanket 'well it certainly sounds good' comment. To be sure, it doesn't need a whole lot of help from me because it did reach the top of the Heavy Metal charts on Soundclick which isn't - all derision about the chart system aside - an easy task. This is a confident, hard, aggressive sound that many will find enjoyable.

Highly Recommended metal thrash.

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