Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fortune - Tiger Of Stone

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Seems only fitting that my last rock review for 2009 should go to Boston's awesome classic rock outfit Fortune (or Fortune rocks depending on which way you look at it). Where Avalanche almost dominate the more British sounding rocky areas, Fortune absolutely own the classic prog-rock (think Yes with bells on) American sound without question. Certainly if you like bands like Journey, Kanasas, Styx and even Blue Oyster Cult you are going to find a connection with this bands musical style. Even for someone like me, who never really got into this whole thing when it was happening back in the day, Fortune have made it safely ego less - although I'm sure they will argue about that ;)

If you are already a fan, you will have hoovered up all of the tracks on their Soundclick page, so this will be old hat to you but I seem to be working through their catalog one track at a time. Mind you, I like the style, energy and bombast of tracks like Tiger Of Stone probably because it has more to do with straight ahead rock than with the usual prog-rock noodling that infests the genre. In my time, and the dozen or so tracks I have reviewed, I found Fortune to be remarkably consistent in just about every area I would say counted.

First off, these guys are excellent musicians, as their live videos will testify, and they apply that professionalism totally to the material they release. I might differ with the band from time to time it is usually about content, which is a personal thing in any case. Tiger of Stone is - like a lot of their tracks - immediate, grabbing your attention from the first note. Their vocal prowess is much on display here too, and that's something I haven't heard from them in a while. Made me realise how good they are vocally too. And then there is the songwriting... You would swear this was an out-take from some 1970's pop rock album...

Highly Recommended classic rock.

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