Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cam's Even Song - Everybody Loves Something

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Just when I'm reaching a low ebb in the busiest review month of this entire year, up comes the usual antidote as if he knew. Everybody does love something and I freely admit that I do love this artist. Only, mind you, in a manly hug type of way. As well as being my Artist Of The Year 2006 and the purveyor of endless amounts of great songs that somehow always stick to my hard drive, I suspect Cam's Even Song perform the same function on many of the people who hear the music; big grin, warm glow, that kind of thing. Just cast your eyes over the many accolades from his peers on his webpage to see just how much Cameron Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) means in a wider sense.

AND he makes us laugh!

Now, if anyone else gave me a Christmas song, you can bet that I won't be laughing. With Cam's Even Song, a Christmas flavoured pop song is as regular as the event itself. Seriously, this man can write a song about ANYTHING, Christmas is a doddle. Everybody Loves Something is three minutes of pure candyfloss pop, with the added lyrical evoking of mangers, angels, shepherds and the like. From anyone else's lips I would be suspicious but I know Cam well and his sentiments have never - to my knowledge - made me cringe like some Christian musicians do. He may wear his heart on his sleeve, but that's the Cam we know and love.

And the music, Gilmore? What of it? Cam is Cam is Cam, if you know what I mean. I think I have heard pretty much all of the 250+ tracks he has on Soundclick and one thing is for sure, he has his own highly distinctive rock/pop sound. Some people may not like his voice, and some may not like his lyrical style but almost everyone has to admit that he can write a cracking tune. As a dedicated Cam watcher, I prefer his weightier stuff but I am a dedicated fan, no matter what his groove. Seasonal treat that would probably sound just as good all year round - touch of the Kinks here methinks... Pop Rock Cam Carol (Ed: headline writers are not reviewers Gilmore, and vice versa so give it up).

Highly Recommended Seasonal pop.

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