Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Artificial Wonders - GIER Part I, II, & III AND IV

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Considering that Artificial Wonders and I have crossed paths several times, I'm somewhat amazed that we haven't actually come to blows. The problem isn't that I dislike the man, just the genre he chooses to work in. If I was looking for a film/game soundtrack for use in a film/game then I'd be interested, but I'm not. Rather than drag out that old can of worms yet again, suffice it to say that out of the tracks from Artificial Wonders I have reviewed, at least one got a Highly Recommended so - all in all - not too bad considering it was mostly soundtracks. And then there is this. As you can guess from the title (Gier being German for greed apparently), this can also be classed as film/game music. In fact, I have reviewed a track or two from AURA OST (Original Sound Track), his magnum opus; these tracks being the final part (almost).

Have to wait for Part V apparently.

While you are ploughing your way through this, I do heartily suggest that you have the Soundclick song comments in front of you. Obviously the game setting and tone should be somewhat clearer with this, because I am not so sure you will get it through the music. Moreover, if you want to see how the whole thing develops, you are going to need twelve minutes or so (Parts 1,2 and 3 are over seven minutes long) and - of course - have a liking for game concepts and soundtracks. Me, I'm a game philistine (as well as being a soundtrack one) so the whole thing goes shooting over my head with a drrrrr sound. Both tracks overdose on classical instrumentation and lots and lots of choirs, and I'm all in favour of that and Artificial Wonders doesn't put much of a foot wrong in the sounds he creates.

One of my all time pet peeves with this particular genre is the preponderance of strings that sound like strangled cats, or so laden with sickly sweetness it makes you vomit. Artificial Wonders sidesteps that mousetrap with ease, because I pretty much liked the sound of everything I heard (especially the choirs) but that - unfortunately - is it. I can't say that I actually liked the tracks because I didn't much but that isn't the point is it? The point is does it work in a film/game context and the simple answer is yes - even for a philistine like myself. Mind you, I have to honest, I did only skim the song comments to get a feel for the plot. As I say, not my thing. Although the music retains a certain pitch of hysteria throughout (it's all a bit gothic man) it's certainly good enough for someone on the hunt for both a concept AND a soundtrack.

Recommended Soundtracker-y (Ed: Smelling salts!! Quick!!)

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