Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just F.A.M. (Freshset) - Dreamer

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As I am writing this review I am staring at Just F.A.M.'s Soundclick page and thanking whatever God you like to believe in that they didn't ask me to review any of their Christmas tracks. Sorry, I don't do Christmas too well, too much bah humbug when I was growing up. The one thing I do know is that whether the subject is Christmas or something much closer to the hip hop ethos, Just F.A.M are going to bring a performing and production quality to the table that is right on the money. See, I may not go a bunch on that whole 'ho-ho-ho lets all be merry' bollocks spouted at this time of year, I do go nuts for quality hip hop and there's no denying this is quality, in almost every way that counts.

It sounds great, sounds like the guys in Just F.A.M are having a ball with it and it's so commercial it'll make your eyes water. It says the beat (and music I assume) comes from one Sean Divine and that's half the battle right there. If you don't write your own music (as I assume eXceL, K~Fr3sh, WildBoy Bloaw, and Kevin - aka Just FAM - don't) getting the right backing track is critical. Never heard of Sean before but dayum after this I'm gonna track the boy down. The music track really is a major part the whole and it works beautifully, adding and enhancing the vocals in ways that bring a smile to your face. Moreover, although I am definitely not a fan of the current obsession with Autotune vocals, this track features some that DO work.

eXceL, K~Fr3sh, WildBoy Bloaw, and Kevin (great names) kick in the vocals, sung and rapped, and they do a stunning job of it too. It really isn't often that I like something that is so overtly commercial but the way these guys pitch it forces you to listen to see what comes next. Once you've done that a couple of times, one of two things will have snared you. Either the ferociously infectious rhythms or the absolutely knockout chorus will do for you and your life will be better for it. Even if you can't stand hip hop, you'd have to give this marks on being a smart, sassy piece of music. Me, I love it, and I doubt I would have written that about the Christmas tracks ;)

MUST HAVE hip hop

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