Sunday, December 06, 2009

Electroscopes - Harder Each Day

Hear The Track Here

Second up from the blog is yet another band from the UK, in this case from Northampton, not a town known for a whole lot of musical activity. Looks like a fairly new venture too, having been formed this year and currently have only three tracks available AFAIK. Harder Each Day is the track and Electronica is the name of the game. For me, there is only one kind of electronica I really like ie I would actually go looking for it myself and that is 1980's based electro-pop of the kind pioneered by such as Depeche Mode, who happens to be one of the influences behind the Electroscopes music. Thank the musical gods though that they know enough not to be too faithful to that source, but tap into later UK music sources too.

Harder Each Day has the distinction of having been a 'recommended 'uploader' track of the week in September 2009' on the good old Beeb (Ed: BBC, he means and is that a good thing?) and let me tell you you can't prize that too highly. Getting played on such a massive platform earns considerable kudos from this old cynic. The only question I have to answer is would I do the same? As you can imagine I've heard a few tunes of this type and have even come across some outstanding modern examples of the electro-pop genre (see Wake Of Destruction on Soundclick) but as I say, Electroscopes go a lot, lot further with it.

Being an elderly English gent I am undoubtedly steeped in my own musical culture but I can see endless references coming through the track, even to echoes of bands from their immediate area (Leicester and Coventry in particular) and that sells the deal for me. Mind you, anyone with even the vaguest taste for the genre will appreciate the depth and quality of this excellently presented track. Although it avoids the whole 'bedroom producer' sound syndrome, there is still something about the sound that doesn't sit right with me. Bit too much high end maybe...or maybe it's just me being extra picky because I can't anything wrong with the actual content. No gripes, no warm glow, know what I mean? That's the problem with the elderly ;)

Deep, surprisingly listenable IDM track. Recommended.

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