Monday, December 28, 2009

Amorphix - Midnight Hour of the Sun

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I think if anyone could give The Dead Company a race to the gloomiest, darkest musical vision around, it would have to be Amorphix, an electronica artist I first met while reviewing Persephone (The Rites of Spring) (July 2006). He peppered most of 2006 and the early part of 2007 with some very good tracks indeed - albeit with a sepulchral feel - many of which got a Must Have rating from me. Then, as these things go, Amorphix vanished off the face of the Earth returning last month with Wreathed in Shadows of Light and Ash (November 2009), an ambient piece that showed the man has lost none of his morbid little tricks on his sabbatical.

I noticed that Midnight Hour of the Sun (Liber Resh) was originally posted on Soundclick in 2008 so obviously Adam Loveday (aka Amorphix) was busy doing things during his layoff. Unfortunately, this is also an ambient tune and as you know I'm not really into that, but when it is done properly (ie with a modicum of thought about structure and content) I can at least sit up and pay attention. To be honest I was just grooving along with this at first, it took me a while to get to the heart of the track.

Like a lot of this musician's output, it is best to take a bit of time to discover what he is trying to get across, particularly on tracks that stretch out somewhat. Although I wouldn't call Midnight Hour of the Sun overly long (it's a tad over seven minutes) when compared to the lengths TDC go to, but like their work, it can prove to be highly listenable and chances are you wouldn't notice it's playing time. If I were being bluntly honest, I have to say I like his denser, darker works myself but seeing the track is about the magician Kephra (the bearer of the sun of Set) and ancient Egypt, it certainly holds enough mystery in the sound. Love the choir in particular.

Excellent Ambient. Recommended.

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