Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wake Of Destruction - List Of Demands

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The highly dubious honour of being the last review of 2009 falls, only rightly I guess, on the manly shoulders of Omar Chavez (aka Wake Of Destruction). I say this because this is an artist who has made a big impression on me and many other people around the scene with his take on electro-pop a la Depeche Mode. Yeah, yeah yeah, you mutter, just a copyist then? I definitely do not give Must Haves for any kind of copying whatsoever, so that should tell you that Wake Of Destruction brings his own special slant to a genre that I have a special love for. Even so, it's been a very good year all round for Mr Chavez, he's had at least three Soundclick #1's and if my Must Have's don't work on you, the numbers count...

Despite what is said about the chart system.

'Something a bit different' is what is promised and I must admit that it's Indietronic rating was a bit of an eyebrow raiser. Mind you, firing up the track blew the befuddlement in my brain in very short order. After a great deal 'wtf' and going backwards and forwards to make sure I was getting it all I found myself agreeing completely with the Indietronic listing. Overlaid on top of the Indietronic backing, are slight echoes of his electro-pop sound and - of course - the vocals which, no matter what, DO sound very Depeche Mode. That would be a bad thing, of course, if Omar couldn't put the power and punch into the performance that classic band do and Omar goes way above that, supplying all that is needed and more.

So, it got me to thinking... How about these for a couple of collaborative efforts to add to the wishlist for the coming New Year. Wake of Destruction and Fear 2 Stop (for the Indietronic) and Wake of Destruction and Depeche Mode (for the sheer ******* buzz of it). List Of Demands is exactly why Wake of Destruction has come from nowhere this year and established himself as a serious, committed musician who knows exactly what he is after - and he usually gets it too. IMHO, he is certainly one of the best songwriting talents to emerge this year and now that's he's moving into other areas, all bets are off...

MUST HAVE Indietronic/electropop fusion.

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