Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Moz Effect - In Space Pt. 2 - Reoccurrances

Hear The Track Here

A track and artist now from my blog requests. The Moz Effect is one Ben Jacobson, an Australian musician whose career spans both playing and audio engineering and production. In the world I live in, being adept on both sides of the production divide is a must these days. Almost every musician I know can do this to some extent, with varying degrees of success. Anyway, seems like it was that experience of audio engineering that led Ben to start making his own electronic music a while ago. Although he describes his tastes as 'hip hop, to ambient, rock, jazz and extreme metal' In Space Pt 2 is a very dense piece of electronica and one of the tracks from his latest LP The Moz Effect which can be downloaded free from the link, as well as the 2008 Amniotic Experiment EP.

I do love a good price point, don't you?

Only question remaining I guess is, is it worth dowloading? Depends whether you like electronica, If you would rather listen than download then Ben's Myspace will let you do that. Having heard tons and tons and tons of electronica I'm a bit fussy about what works (at least for me) and one of the things I look for most of all are ideas. Good ideas whether musical or technical, and I'm not too happy if I don't get that. In Space Pt 2 gets past that by having a very phat sound (at least on the bottom end) although the lead noodling did begin to get on my nerves after a good many plays. Mind you, that's got more to do with the actual sound of the lead, rather than anything Ben was doing with it.

All in all, this is a very competent piece of electronica but I thought I'd like to hear more than a couple of minutes to form an impression so I also checked out this video which comes from a much more traditional standpoint. I also had a drive by listen to his tracks on Myspace and taking all that into account I find I have to agree with his descripton of his music as 'contemporary easy listening' and in most cases I'd be washing my mouth out right about now. You know how I feel about easy listening... Nonetheless, The Moz Effect and its combining of ambient, beats and analog electronica makes a soothing balm for my own rock weary ears and that's saying something.

Recommended electronica.

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