Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pidgeman - Deadly Were The Words (Code 9 Remix)

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Pidgeman comes to us this month in another guise, no more a rock singer/guitarist/everything. He's donned a smart dinner jacket, and gone all 'vocalist' on us with a remix courtesy of Code 9, a trance musician from MP3 Unsigned. All Pidge supplied was the vocal, all the music was rewritten for this version and it works surprisingly well but more of that later. For those who know Pidgeman's material, prepare for a bit of a shock, this is coming from a completely different direction and one - as you know - I'm never really comfortable about. Trance generally bores the bejeebers out of me within about thirty seconds and considering that most trance are the epic get my drift, I'm sure.

Over the time I have known this UK musician, one of the areas we haven't always agreed on is his vocal style. Mind you, he has found his way remarkably well over a string of very decent rock tracks and certainly I couldn't see much wrong with the vocal he supplied with this track. Moreover, it fits the track exactly, giving the track an excellent 80's electro-pop feel (think OMD and you get the sound picture). I've always rated his songwriting skills and Deadly Were The Words is right up there with the best of them.

So, obviously if the track were indeed straight ahead trance, I would need to be scraping blood and guts off the walls and that patently isn't the case. As I said, Code 9 put together a fairly standard trance beat and backline, and then layered it with the kind of sounds that propelled all of the electropop crowd from OMD to the Human League. On that score this rates very highly indeed; great sounds, powerful propulsion and a clear, focused mix. Can't get much better than that and I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief that I avoided the dreaded Trance monster yet again.

Engaging electro-pop song. Highly Recommended.

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