Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pilesar - Yellow Belly (live)

Hear The Track Here

There are some musicians to whom the terms 'unique' and 'original' just don't cover how different they are from the (unsigned) norm. In the case of Pilesar, that should read 'different from everyone else on the planet'. I know he looks like a charming young man on his Soundclick page (despite having a surfeit of facial features) but don't be taken in by that clean-living, All American boy image being portrayed. What we can't see in the picture is his mind and that's probably a good job. My own feeling is that the brainly bit is, in fact, an alien being who - before plunging to Earth in an unfortunate slip road accident - was on his way to a gig at the Krusty Kloud Klub somewhere in the vicinity of NGC658.

Why the disbelieving look? Go, listen to the music and tell me I'm wrong...

I have been Pilesar-aware since I reviewed the inoffensive sounding Just A Turtle (September 2004) and having gone through countless iterations I would never have dreamt that he would end up taking his act on the road. Literally. As much as I've liked his recorded works (Ed: and God knows we've heard enough of it) I have to admit to liking his live stuff even more. If you've actually seen some of his live videos (or luckier still, live in his home state of Maryland) you will understand my enthusiasm. This man is d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t. I've certainly never heard or seen the like before and I'm willing to bet you haven't either.

Take, for example, his description of Yellow Belly's evolution 'I play drums, keyboards and sing all at the same time for the first half and then switch over to building a live loop for the second half'. The italics are a visual clue to my jaw dropping because he really means it. If you need an example of how that looks and sounds Pilesar has also provided the video experience so it doesn't tax our human brains too much. Believe me, you'll come away thinking men could fly!! OK, I admit that the man has issues but by God listen (and see) how he's doing it and it all makes sense. In a weird Pilesar kind of way...

MUST HAVE original in full spate. (watch the video definitely)

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