Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving - A Vexing Predicament

Hear The Track Here

OK, now I really have seen it all. Australia's (Perth seeing as you asked) Tangled Thoughts of Leaving describe their music as (takes deep breath) 'Industrial Cruise Ship Jazz' Ooookkkkkk, not sure what that is but lets move along... The band are a four piece consisting of Ron Pollard (Piano/Synth/Samples/Vocals), Luke Pollard (Bass/Samples), Andrew McDonald (Guitar) and Ben Stacy on drums. Not sure if the live videos on their myspace page are on a cruise ship or a boiler room but these are obviously four serious guys about what they are doing. So what exactly are they doing? You might well be asking yourself the same question if you went to see the videos while I've been talking about it.

You really have to listen to the audio itself to get what the band is actually doing. I'm sure that for people who already know the band, those live videos bring the band to life but maybe it would deter some people. That's the problem with serious music - and A Vexing Predicament is serious squared - it translates to yer average Joe as difficult. Unlistenable even. Still, Jazz was always thought of that way and make no mistake, this IS Jazz, but not like you've heard it before.

There's a very playful feel to the track, that dragged me straight in and even though its more obscure passages I never felt the band were in any danger of losing control of it. Listening back time and again to the MP3 version I am struck by how good - and how bizzarre - this would sound live. It shows that Tangled Thoughts of Leaving have lots of ideas about what makes a track work, and then spend their time trying to make it all fit in three minutes or so. As you know I've reviewed lots of musical idiosyncrasies, and this is one of the most rewarding yet. There's a lot more to this track than it seems, you'll need to give this a fair bit of time to grow on you.

Industrial Cruise Ship Jazz? Sounds good to me.


Flea said...

The "Industrial Cruise Ship Jazz" tag came about in 2008 from a review for their EP Tiny Fragments

"I’ve coined the term ‘Industrial Cruise Ship Jazz’ for this music, for this is the imagery I take from the music. It’s something both P&O Cruises and Tool would endorse, which really is a laughable suggestion, but the interchanging passages of music are such that this is possible!" - Brendon Amos - Metal

Both Tiny Fragments and the Split EP containing 'A Vexing Predicament' are available for free download. For those who are interested you can find them here...

Tiny Fragments

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving / Sleepmakeswaves Split

Flea said...

oh and the venue in that video is the Hyde Park Hotel.

revertentertainment said...

Another free track from Tangled Thoughts of Leaving is available for download now.

It's called 'Contextually Inept' simply because it doesn't fit on the upcoming album.

You can get this and TToL's entire back catalogue for FREE (and 100% legally free i may add.) from...