Friday, December 25, 2009

Karma Police (UK) - Angels Breathe (Ft LisaT)

Hear The Track Here

Ask anyone who has been around Soundclick for a long time what was the best period, and almost to a man and woman they would say the period 2003-2005 was the best musically and as a community. I'd agree with them and I do miss some of the really accomplished musicians and singers who don't seem to be around any more, or not active on Soundclick. The reason I am wallowing in nostalgia is because not only is this a track from that period, it also features one of the most distinctive vocalists of that time: Lisa (or LisaT whichever).

I first met her when she was vocalist with a band called Bondango but the first actual Lisa track I can find a review for is Web Of Lies (March 2004). Obviously older regulars will know the name but in case you have no idea, LisaT has a very distinctive, sultry vocal tone that is very recognisable, even after all this time my ears connected immediately. So, on that score, I am obviously well biased because not only is it a brief return to a great period but it's also a reminder of Lisa's ability as a vocalist. So here's the funny thing, why was I under the impression that Karma Police are a new name?

Are they? Or have I heard this before under another name?

The reason I say this is because the song is familiar (or is it just Lisa's voice?) AND it looks like it was first posted in June 2004 so it would be the right time period. Quite how this all knits together is beyond me, but obviously hearing this track has affected me somewhat, if only for a hankering for times past. Karma Police also seem to have been around that long too, although obviously not active on Soundclick. Can't say I am a big fan of ambient but when Lisa supplies the vocals I can definitely take it. This isn't as immediate as some of her own tracks, but that's about right given the genre. Nonetheless, this is an excellent song over a very decent soundscape, regardless of it's age.

Recommended Ambient (with surprise vocalist).

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