Thursday, December 24, 2009

Michael Vincent Fusco - Artificial Intelligence

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Say what you like about instant 'lego brick' music creation programs like EJay and Magix but, to my mind, they are as important to online music production as were MOD tracker programs back when I first started out. Where MOD tracker programs (read more about MODs) triggered the first flowering of online musicians, these 'instant music' programs triggered a second, much larger wave of new, untried musicians. Some failed spectactularly, and some learned and grew, mostly swapping Ejay or its equivalent for Fruity Studio, Reason or other higher spec kit. Michael Vincent Fusco took this time honoured route (as did a surprising number of well-known musicians) and he's not doing too badly at it either. This is the fifth track I've heard from him and even though a couple of his previous tracks bordered on the dreaded Games: Soundtrack, I think a couple of Highly Recomendeds more than make up for that lapse.

Ahhh, but now the worm turns...

'You'll be pleased to know I've dropped the Mario Brothers styled project' MVF tells me, 'All of that other stuff you've heard has been practice for this' he concludes, with a evangelic glint in his eye. So, what is this?? Sounds to me, reading the song comments, that Michael wanted to make a free flowing piece, but at a piece at a time. Not hearing it fully until the last bit is finished and then only to check that it flows smoothly enough. Sounds like a good plan Batman, so how'd it work out? Well if you are into electronica, and glitchy electronica in particular this is made for you. If you like a nice piece of jazz, this would equally fill the bill mind, albeit in an electronic stylee.

Reminds me a bit of Nuff X (who's also coming up for review this month) but only in the use of glitches, and even then Michael uses them in a very different way. The piano lines on this are very effective, again it's their cutup, jagged use and the excellent sound pf the instrument that push this track, certainly on the jazz front. Big kudos all round though because this is an excellently produced piece of my favourite kind of electronica, a blend of styles. What really knocks me on my ass though is the intricate, beautifully developed arrangement - the true jewel in the crown. One of the most meaningful instrumentals I have heard this entire year and a welcome addition to my Christmas playlist and hard drive.

MUST HAVE combination of styles.

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