Monday, November 30, 2009

Michael Vincent Fusco - Hi Girls

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You are hearing a different keyboard sound from me today because I felt I had to dress up somewhat for this review. When Michael says Hi Girls is him 'practicing my mixing and mastering methods', stands to reason I can't be too harsh on him right? Hence the kid gloves I'm wearing so now you know, maybe the sniggering will come to an end. Third time around for Michael Vincent Fusco who seems to be in remarkably good health considering that out of the three tracks I have already reviewed, two of them could definitely classed as games soundtracks.

And you know what that means...

Its abundantly clear - even in this computer savvy ear - that 99.9% of the unsigned music population struggle mightily against the bounds of their equipment and expertise and it's this, I contend that is what makes unsigned music so interesting... Not always, obviously but mostly I think I'd prefer to listen to unsigned as opposed to commercial any day. It's where the spark is. Speaking of which, take a listen to Hi Girls and tell me whether Michael should have prefaced this track with the 'practising' comment. Certainly in terms of variety, ideas and sounds, his ducks are all in row. It's electronica yeah, but I've heard much, much worse,

There again, it's that quality that has kept this musician out of the doghouse (remember the two games soundtracks?) his tracks - whatever condition he thinks they are in - a very listenable, even when the genre doesn't agree with you. As far as the production and mixing goes, I'd say it was pretty sharp, although for my money the sounds could have done with a little more shaping, it would have added a good deal more punch. Nonetheless, this is a good clear, crisp mix and a decent electronica instrumental and I surely don't get to write that often enough.

Excellent dance-y Electronica. Highly Recommended.

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