Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nuff X - Voices

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It's been a bit of a quiet year for UK based electronica musician Nuff X. I seem to have only reviewed a couple of tracks of his this year whereas in previous years he'd be everywhere like a rash. Still nobody, except lunatics like me, can spend all their time online and the real world does have a way of pushing everything else aside. There again, taking a rest from this music making malarky is often quite a good thing provided that rest isn't too long. Sometimes it's good to take some time off to recharge the inspirational batteries. I do it myself when I can't get anything happening. So, here's Nuff X coming back with a new track from his upcoming new album - Kraepelin - which is his fifth online album to date.

Got to love cut and paste ;)

Although there are the usual trademark glitches Nuff has made his own, the way he is using them has progressed enormously. Musicians like Nuff X make electronica a fun thing to listen to, and Voices is probably one of this musicians more commercial tracks in a good while. I say probably because I've only just started getting used to it but it already strikes me as being above his normal level of inventiveness. Moreover, the electropop element in the track is something I would never have thought Nuff would be interested in, but here it comes off spotlessly.

Haven't had to worry any about Nuff's overall sound in a long, long while and I won't have to with Voices either. Tough where it needs to be and soft where not, this is the kind of electronica that makes most sense to me. Nuff has done a fair bit of work in the IDM field but - as I say - this is definitely his most immediate and accessible tracks to date and for that alone should be clasped to your scrawny bosoms. As a pointer for the upcoming album this bodes extremely well.

MUST HAVE IDM (Intelligent Dance Music, seein' ya asked)

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