Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Left - Brothers Song (Alternate Remix)

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Been a while since I last came across New Jersey based hiphop artist, A New Left. Midnight Maneuvers (July 2008) was my last encounter with this artist and neither that nor the preceding track - Copasetic (May 2008) - rang any spectacular bells for me. A New Left seemed to have a lot of the same problems that bedevil a lot of hiphop musicians on Soundclick, where the music and/or the rap just don't quite marry up together. Competent enough, that's for sure but when push came to shove not exactly the most inspirational music around. Aahh, but we can't all do that, can we? Well, I think, seeing how high the bar is set on Soundclick, very few can but hey, you got to try right?

I like try'ers. Can-do is my language.

Amazing what a little bit of time can do, certainly if Brothers Song (Alternate Remix) is anything to judge by. I went back to read the first two reviews to see what had changed and I'd have to say pretty much everything. Where I complained about lack of drive and/or excitement in the previous two reviews but that isn't the case with this track. Matter of fact, this is a real smooth piece of hiphop rap that is tight, coherent and different sounding and that's always a bonus innit?

Yo bob, what up boy?

The first thing that established its presence with me was the musical backing, a nice blend of hard and soft sounds that caressed the ears while kicking the door down. For me, one of the best traits of hiphop is the reliance on the groove and Brothers Song has a great groove and it meant it took me a while to start taking the lyrical work onboard. Even there, the vocals are sharp, to the point if a little difficult to pick up the sense of the song itself but streets ahead of anything I have heard from this artist before. Not sure why it has a Parental Advisory either but I suppose there must be a point to it.

Highly Recommended hiphop.

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