Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pidgeman - Misery Loves Company (Kiss The Abyss Remix)

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I was only saying last month that my first introduction to Craig Matthews (aka Pidgeman) was with Misery Loves Company (November 2007) which seems to have proved to be one of his most popular tracks, and up he pops with a remix of the sucker. As you can tell, this is a collaboration between Pidgeman and Martin Etheridge (aka Kiss The Abyss), so lets hark back to the original for a second. I had a couple of niggles with the original track, which didn't stop me from enjoying the whole and - admittedly - it took me a while to get what Pidgeman was about.

This version has vocals and lyrics by Pidgeman but all the music, production and mixing is down to Kiss The Abyss. Now considering that Pidgeman had already revamped the original, then given the vocals to KTA, you'd think there would be a major difference right? To be honest, I can't really remember the original but the differences between this and recent Pidgeman output is startling. For those people who have come to like and respect Pidgeman's rock/pop output, this will come as a real surprise. Turns out that Kiss The Abyss is an electronica/techo musician and it's that side of the musical spectrum this little jewel is set in.

'this little jewel'?? Yes, but wait until you hear it.

Seriously, I've always known Pidgeman's vocals could sound better, given the right treatment and finally I hear the proof of that. I think even he would be hard pressed to say otherwise, moreover the production and treatment of the vocal is masterly, alllowing for tone and nuance. Although the initial electronica setting was surprising, once I'd played it a few times it felt so natural, and backed the vocal so powerfully, it would have obliterated the original anyway. Everything about this track screams love and dedication, the depth of production and mix alone is enough to bring on one of my famous headaches...

MUST HAVE. Great song in a new setting.

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