Thursday, August 20, 2009

Between Worlds - Sacred Dreams Scene 4

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Surprisingly enough, Chris Bishop's choice this month is the final episode of Between Worlds magnum opus Sacred Dreams, a four piece epic combination of ambient and classical. Yeah, yeah, I know. I know I am niggardly when it comes to this genre but - when done properly - you can't help but appreciate it, whatever your prejudice. I've known this musician for a good while now and he never fails to hit the spot which is a major achievement given the genre he usually works in. This is the guy who - for fun - reconstructs Jean Michel Jarre tracks (he has an album called Jarrescapes that is well worth hearing if you like Jarre. Me, I could never see the point, which shows you just how much of a philistine I usually am.

Joined again in this track by Drew Campbell who we last encountered with Between Worlds Sacred Dreams Scene 2 (July 2008), this track has been a long time coming. Of Scene 2 I wrote 'The combination of those two artists is dynamite' and the atmosphere they create on this guitar driven piece is wonderfully restful to the ears. OK, OK, so hand on heart this is not the kind of material I would normally go looking for if I wanted a bit of peace and quite (for a change) but you have to hand it to them, the presentation is astonishing; shiny, spick and span and even wrapped up in a pretty bow.

Ahhh, but is it enough for a whole planet of philistines?

All in the ears of the listener, I fear, but I think most people who encounter this track accidentally will certainly pause and take stock of how thoroughly professional it sounds. It's nice to find a guitarist who works with the tune, rather than grandstand over it, and Drew's contribution to this cannot be overlooked in that regard. Every element works, that's the deal so the only thing that remains in the question of taste. Do you, or don't you? As a final aside, after some considerable time listening to this track, I started to think it was a track from The Sims 3 - which I have become irritatingly fond of - and that is an indication of how good it is.

High quality guitar instrumental. Highly Recommended (if you like the genre).

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