Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mike-K - Lazy Sunday

Hear The Track Here

Not even I am dumb enough to really think that Mike Kohlgraf (for it is he) has done a cover of the old 1960's Small Faces tune? There is no way he could get his chops around the broad London accents that song carries. Nope, this Lazy Sunday is the Georgia version, brewed and stewed in the Peach State, so I guess a few y'alls are what you are going to hear. Actually, I wander hugely off the point because Lazy Sunday is - like a lot of Mike's output - an instrumental and not a 'gor'blimey' or a 'howsyerfavver' in sight.

Yes, it really IS a foreign language, isn't it?

Although I have tremendous respect and admiration for Mike as a human and as a musician, the style of music he pursues is often not to my taste. Mike likes it smooth (sometimes, not always) and that isn't what I would choose to listen to. Of course I will in a review and I'll do my best to be objective, but this is not music I would search out for me. Nonetheless, Mike is also a very capable musician well able to hold his own, and knows full well my opinion on this. It's also true he has made a good few tracks that I have liked and Lazy Sunday is going to sit right along there with them.

There's no disputing that Mike's guitar skills have come on apace, despite Lady Fate intervening and creating mayhem and Lazy Sunday is a good example. Here he tackles what he calls 'Alternative Ragtime' but officially classed as Country and makes a very distinctive and - dare I say it - listenable tracks. Mind you, I do like acoustics when played well, regardless of the genre and where best to use acoustics than country. Going to have to like guitars and guitar instrumentals to get a whole lot out of it though but I must admit to liking the blend of styles, very nifty.

Highly Recommended Country ragtime?

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