Friday, August 21, 2009

Artificial Wonders - Anti-Realitat (AURA)

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Considering that I've now reviewed two Artificial Wonders tracks - The Warmachine Part 3 Redux (February 2009) and Today, We Close The Door (March 2009) I still don't feel I have much of a grip on what this musician is about. That might have much to do with my natural loathing of all things soundtrack, and games soundtracks in partic-u-lar. (Ed: Guess what genre Artificial Wonders works in?) It's also got a lot to do with the shortness/sparseness of the tracks I have so far reviewed. Both tracks together don't measure up to three minutes, so it's a bit difficult to form any lasting impression. Mind you, your whole life may revolve around games soundtracks, in which case help yourself...

Artificial Wonders outdid himself with Anti-Realitat which is a whole three and a half minutes; oh joy indeed. According to the copious notes provided by AW both in the review request and in the song comments, this is a track in parts and still a work in progress, and I can see that. Doesn't stop it working though, if indeed soundtracks can indeed work. The massive choirs and organs that are almost obligatory in the genre are the staple in this track too but what differentiates it from some of the other bombast sheltering under the genre is in the choice of instrumental sounds.

For this to really work for someone who has no interest whatsoever in the genre (like me for example) the main priority has to be for believable instrumental sounds; moreso when those sounds are of vocals of any description. I've worked with a lot of choral structures myself in my own tracks and I know how difficult it is to make such sounds convincing and real. Top marks then to Artificial Wonders for getting both the sound and the tenor of the track right. He did point out that there were noticeable gaps in the track - and indeed they are - but they are not that severe to detract from the whole, which btw is surprisingly listenable.

Moody, brooding games soundtrack. Highly Recommended.

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