Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silvertrain - Lay Me Down

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Ooo er missis!! Silvertrain going all bawdy on us? The darlings of the shortest pop love songs known to personkind? (see what I did there...I am sooooo PC these days). Naahh, not the boys surely?? Once the darlings of the scene we now inhabit, Silvertrain have endured a lot over the six years or so I have known them. The nucleus of John Brandon and Ritchie Allen have given a great many fans a lot of pleasure over that time, but also quite a lot of disappointments - the main one being the lack of new songs from the original lineup. To compensate, and to be fair, John Brandon has more than filled that gap with some excellent/interesting/OK not so good tracks, mainly on his own and doing a fine job of carrying on the Silvertrain tradition. The last couple of tracks have shown some real promise coming to the fore. Then along comes...... 333maxwell...(again) (Ed: Arrrgghhh, we are not PAYING that guy!!!)

I know, I know, he is EVERYWHERE this month but I did try and warn you ahead of time.

John sent a song to max and (to cut a long story short) Lay Me Down is the result. Essentially an initial track of vocals, piano and strings, 333maxwell sprinkled some of his magic pixie dust over it and it assumed massive proportions instantly. The most striking element, to a long time John Brandon listener, is the depth and warmth the vocal contains on this outstanding ballad. Yep, boggle while ye may because that is absolutely the very last time in my life where I will use the words outstanding and ballad in the same sentence. For my money the pinnacle of ballad mastery is only achieved by the Beatles, and that is the source these musicians have tapped into here...

So guzzle all you like.

And believe me, you are going to get so **** faced over this track, you wouldn't even recognise your own grandmother. Believe me, chums, this is extremely high praise indeed from a cynical, jaded, crumbly old fart like myself who thinks that all ballads should be strung up by their fingernails so they know what it feels like to listen to them. And then there is this kind; an ear massage of the utmost beauty, the tones and textures luxurious and detailed. The vocal interplay between John and Chas (for it is he) is a wonder to behold, putting a wonderful finishing touch onto an already excellent song. In all truthfulness, I have never heard John sound so good, even back in the day. Excellent job all round but 333max.....sheesh..... no stopping this guy

MUST HAVE collaboration and a dynamite song.

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