Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Peach Tree - Magick

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I first met this Australian musician when I reviewed Psy Vampires (December 2007) and looking back I seem to have reviewed a lot of his tracks. Mind you, he is prolific. Most of the tracks I have reviewed over the past few months have been single tracks from albums, as indeed is Dark which gives you an indication of just how prolific. The album it is from - Magick - can be found on the link. On the whole, I think The Peach Tree has done quite well from me, despite a couple of glitches, there are more recommendeds than rejections and I think even he may be surprised by that. After all, it felt for a while there as if we were always at loggerheads...

Aah the ups and downs of the music star eh?

Inspiration for Magick seems to have sprung from an awareness of Aleister Crowley, a well known English occultist whose writing have inspired many, many well known names. Magick is then, for want of a better term, a 'concept' album whose tracks are: Dark, Black Magick, Blue Magick, White Magick, Light and is 'intended as a cleansing, lightening and purifying of the spirit, starting off with base or Dark energy and working progressively through to ethereal Light energy, the journey taking the listener through three stages of magick along the way' For me, it sounds like something that really should be listened to as a whole, but I plumped for letting Dark decide that for me.

I'm sure Angus will be as surprised as me that it did that within the first listen. Musically, it's pretty basic electronica; synth bass sequence, sweeps and filtered sounds galore, all held together by a spoken vocal track. It's certainly dark, although that is mostly supplied through the lyrical images rather than the music; in fact towards the end it got kinda rocky and that - I think - is what convinced me to download the whole album. On that score alone, Dark did exactly as it was supposed to. So does Black Magick, its a blend of electronica that shouldn't sound anything like as good as it does. The same goes for the whole album actually. Can't say I always appreciate straightforward electronica but this album felt strangely refreshing. Do yourself a favour, grab the lot.

MUST HAVE electronica complete with visions ;)

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