Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twisted Angel - I Gave Her the World, but She Wanted Mars

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Speaking as someone who is absolutely appalled at the state of commercial hiphop/R&B, Soundclick is an oasis of creativity, style and freshness - and I feel no qualms about saying that in print because it's true. Despite the lamentable state of some of Soundclicks 'playaz', if you spend some time digging around it's a sure bet you will come up with something you haven't heard before. I've been reviewing hip regularly on Soundclick for over five years and IMHO it just keeps getting better and better. One of better finds of late have been Canada's Twisted Angel, a rapper who takes hiphop into a wholly unexpected direction.

Goth rock, would you believe?

I Gave Her the World, but She Wanted Mars (great title) is probably has much more of a commercial R&B feel than any of the previous tracks, and as such didn't appeal to me personally as much as previously but I am not the audience. Speaking of that audience, they will absolutely love this perfectly balanced piece of R&B schmaltz, and the truth is that they should. It's certainly more intelligent, musically and lyrically, than most commercial crap and you down have to commit a crime to download it. Music this time comes from the justly famed Shadowville Productions, for my money one of the very best of Soundclick's many beat factories as this track shows.

The song comments say 'feat Dreamcast' but beyond that I know nothing but I presume Twisted and he share the vocal duties, which btw, is more than enough to get them noticed. The central refrain of the song is one of those sung vocals that stick in your mind and this - allied with the superlative backing track - is the major hook, at least for me. As I say, I have an inbuilt antipathy towards the softer, more R&B strain of hiphop but if I had to listen to some, then this is the track I'd reach for because its infinitely more original than most especially lyrically. Very clever in that department AND the lyrics are posted online...yay!!!!

Class R&B and Highly Recommended.

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