Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Dead Company - Pop Star

Hear The Track Here

Got a bit of a problem with this track, and for once it isn't just about content. The problem is that Jon Bushaway, Dead Company mainman and chief mover and shaker, had a wobbly and consequently deleted all the songs from the bands Soundclick page. He has his reasons of course and he is perfectly entitled to take down all his tracks but I feel sorry for people who can no longer get TDC tracks - especially seeing as Soundclick was finally starting to turn around for them. So, why do I even bother reviewing this track? Welp because - no matter what - I have been a fan of this spectacularly experimental artist for many years AND this is a collab with another of my all time favourite Soundclick musicians - Jon Partelow.

Yeah, yeah, what him again???

What I'm hoping, ya see, is that Jon will be along smartly and let you know where you can download and/or listen to this track. Don't give me that disinterested look, I know better than that. A collab between TDC and Jon Partelow fer cripes sake, I've been waiting for this to come up all month, if you think I ain't going to review it, think again. Jon Partelow, in case you don't know, being a member of the best band IMHO on Soundclick at present - Can't Stop The Daggers - as well being the leading light behind HELLbus. Anyway, Jon Bushaway sent me the track just before he went globe trotting and there is no way I am going to be stopped bringing this dynamic little track to your attention.

For those familiar with The Dead Company's oeuvre, there is much here to like; rhythmic electronica like you never heard before, the usual TDC atmospherics and a sense of edge-of-your-seat listening. The real surprise here is Jon Partelow who by any reckoning is a pretty fair old vocalist, and here he is lending his voice to yer typical TDC fayre. In common with all Dead Company tracks, the vocal is spoken rather than sung and Jon brings a bitter cynicism to the delivery that perfectly fits the subject matter. Speaking of which, if these are Jon Bushaway's lyrics, he's hit another high spot, unless it's just the familiar scenes he is detailing. Well worth trying to find this bad boy, let me tell you, even if it's just for history's sake...

MUST HAVE TDC weirdness with added Hellbus.

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