Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rascal Theorist - Heaven Is Waiting

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Little did I know that when I reviewed LeO IcON9 ByTE19 and Night @ Alcazar (October 2008) that I was looking at the tip of a very large musical iceberg. Since then, LeO IcON9 ByTE19 have become The Muse Machine and the various members have been busily establishing themselves as individual artists as well; Rasmeal (aka The rascal Theorist) being one of them. I have a couple of Rascal tracks behind me already and know that - whatever the genre - there is going to be a certain high standard of work, that's a given. After the R&B flavoured pop of The Understanding (April 2009) and the out and out rock pop of New Frequency (May 2009), there's no doubt that this is a serious musician and songwriter who knows what he's about.

Wind him up, stand well back and watch him go....

Heaven Is Waiting is a Christian Rock song which, I must say, was a bit of a surprise to me although quite why is beyond me. The whole world and his brother have had a crack at crooning for the Lord, why shouldn't the Rascal have a shot too? Helped on this track by fellow bandmates Ikhan (who supplied bass and guitar), Byte 19 supplying rhythmic thingies, I wouldn't want to swear that this is a rock anything (other than the solo that is). Structurally it owes a lot to rock music but again The Rascal Theorist comes up with a catchy slice of out and out pop music.

Sure it has lyrics that are spiritual and Christian in nature but if you didn't know that beforehand, it wouldn't make that much difference, you'd still hear a terrific song that (should) catch at your heartstrings - should you have a heart. Of course, I'm a reviewer and its well known that we don't have hearts. Try as I might to pick holes in both Heaven Is Waiting and Rascal, it just cannot be done so - yet again - this track is going to be down to personal taste. Me, I'm a sucker for a great song and a good arrangement, faultless performance on top of that is the icing on the cake. Tell ya what too, The Rascal has a great voice on him.

Excellent song, beautifully done. Highly Recommended.

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