Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fortune - Only You

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Seems a lot longer than the few months since I met this Boston MA based six piece classic rock band. All Sold Out (December 2008) absolutely knocked me right on my ass. Tight efficient pop rock with only the finest ingredients and produced to a high shine. Since then the band have garnered several Must Have's from me including - obviously - All Sold Out. I've reviewed another seven tracks since then so I'm slowly but surely working my way through their entire catalog, but its well worth it because you don't hear this genre done this well too many other places.

I should really be a lot more specific about 'this genre'. Mostly Fortune have delivered great pop rock songs with, more and more, an emphasis on the big American bands of the 1970's particularly Boston, Kansas, Styx et all - but more Boston than just about anything else (Ed: Steely Dan too I think). Nothing wrong with that of course, especially if big hair, mountain sized drums and guitars that cut through steel are your thing. There again you may like the treatment of the track because its has some stunningly good layers of vocal harmonies. OR you may hate the thing on sight because rock music is for old people to which I say, begone with you!!

Although I have a niggardly view of the American scene of the period, I don't have a single problem whatsoever with the way that Fortune deliver it up. Obviously I admit that it isn't something that I go searching out for but whenever this came up in the review process it shone out of the pile like the diamond it is. See, I don't particularly like this period of American rock but by God Fortune nail the sound and fury so well it gives me acid flashbacks. Only You again shows that Fortune have all the right moves in every way to make a real dent in the real world music business. Aaaah, if life were so fair eh?

Highly Recommended blast of 70's rock bombast!

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