Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wake Of Destruction - This Is A War

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Second time around for Miami based singer, songwriter and producer Omar Chavez Jr (aka Wake Of Destruction). Run From Me (July 2009) was an excellent slice of electro-pop only slightly marred by a couple of technical glitches that are easily fixable. Everything else, performance, vocals, lyrics and music was right on the money. Showing, of course, that Wake Of Destruction takes what he is doing seriously. Or does he? Get this from the song comments... 'The synth-pop love child of Pink Floyd's Time and Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries'. Them's some HUGE boots to fill if you ask me. Mind you, the last track had a certain something and I think whatever he wants to say about his tracks is his business.

So long as he doesn't mind the giggles ;)

I compared him in my last review to Howard Jones and This Is A War only reinforces that impression and whether that is intentional or otherwise isn't important. What is important is the sheer quality of the song itself; and the spirited vocal take by the man himself. That will probably get a bit lost in your initial awe at just how GOOD this track feels sliding sinuously down your ear canals. Incredibly clever use of sound effects, and the lushness of the arrangement and music, place Wake Of Destruction head and shoulders above the crowd and deservedly so.

Although I usually stop listening to a track after a few days of reviewing, some I come back to and I can see that happening with This Is A War. Sure, because of all the things I've mentioned above, but much more because this is a massively enjoyable song that carries some excellent lyrics, all delivered in a very convincing fashion. Mingled in with the electro-pop influences (this time leaning more towards Gary Numan musically maybe), there are even a couple of echoes of earlier musical times but I'm cursed if I can pin the actual track down in my mind. Regardless of all that, there is no doubt that This Is A War is going to be around on my hard drive for some considerable time because it reminds me of why reviewing is sometimes an enormous pleasure. Best chorus of the year, I think. Terrific.

MUST HAVE Electro-pop.

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