Friday, August 07, 2009

The Lull Between - Artist Overview

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Although The Lull Between are on Soundclick, this review request is the first one this month from my blog. A solo project, the name comes about because this musician is the bass player in a band called Belle's Wake who are - apparently - on hiatus. This project is so named because it only occurs in 'the lull between' Belle's Wake projects. So there you go, more information than you possibly want and not one bit of it anything to do with the music The Lull Between bring to this party. Alt Power Pop is the name of the game and - believe me - this is a stunningly hard genre to get me to appreciate. Mainly because most of it isn't either Alt, or even Power Pop, at least not as I recognise it.

'It's not as good as the stuff you normally review' Brooks Robinson (for it is he) says in his accompanying email and I think that would be my first point of contention right there. Believe me, as bad as you might think your own material is, I guarantee I have heard far, far worse. To get a flavour of what The Lull Between was about, I sampled three tracks: Bloodletting, Over You and Walk In Your Shoes and the reason I did this was because the first track left me with such a mixed impression I had to see what else was there. Bloodletting is a fairly simple, straight ahead sub-Johnathon Richman track that, although reasonable, you will have heard a few times before.

Like a lot of home produced material, there is a lightness of being about all the tracks but when you are plumbing the territory between (say) Syd Barrett and the aforementioned Richman feller, that may not be a bad thing. Unless you forget the golden rule that governs the success (or otherwise) of material like this; beneath it all has to be a cracking song. The closest that came to that was Walk In Your Shoes which has some very interesting vocalising and a halfway decent arrangement. To be sure, its early days and I can see some potential here but the game would need to be set considerably higher to really start raising a fuss.

Lo-fi, lo-tech Alternative that feels a bit bare. Worth a listen though if you like that.

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