Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cinnabar - Morning Finds Its Way

Hear The Track Here

Third time around for Cinnabar, and considering that so far we've experienced prog rock (gulp), weird time signatures and odd twists and turns, I think I've held up quite well. Obviously there was the initial foaming at the mouth sequence but I'm hoping you forgot that by now. All of which is due to the sheer musicianship shown by Gary Judge, Matt Tyson and Mokee Dugway (aka Cinnabar) on every single track so it is fair to say that I was pretty impressed with the music the actual genre didn't really matter as much as it normally does. Certainly I found myself enjoying Visit With A Vision (April 2009) and Naked Eye (July 2009) much more than was decent for a self confessed prog rock hater.

But this......but this.....(splutters to a breathless halt)

OK, no, I'm fine....really... Ahem. Where was I? Cinnabar switch gear slightly with Morning Finds A Way but yes it's still fiddly, meandering music, but such music is well worth the effort to get to know it. The truth of the matter is that Morning Finds a Way is an official by God miracle, or the soul of Brian Wilson is also resident in the bodies of one of the three musicians named. Seriously, put this on and tell me you are not listening to an unreleased track from the Beach Boys 'hazy' period, where the album Smile foundered. Whatever qualms I may have had about vocal levels on previous tracks are quelled on this track in no uncertain terms.

One of the greater problems most of us musicians face is getting our sounds right and - my own particular bugbear - getting rid of that awful 'home recorded' sound. Cinnabar have done that with commendable style on this absolutely jaw dropping track. If you are a musician prepare to be sick, if you are a listener prepare for a truly unique and incredibly pleasurable experience whether you like the sound of it or not. One note of caution though, it's seven and a quarter minutes long so a quick drive by isn't really possible. This is a track to download and feast on night after night, there is certainly enough meat on its bones to feed a small army for months. Not sure which bit I am impressed with more and this is after a week listening... Yeah rock on...

MUST HAVE (can't describe it, you should hear it yourself)

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