Monday, August 31, 2009

The Modems - This Is Why We Cry

Hear The Track Here

Although the 5 piece band The Modems is a new name to me, one member of it we've already come across this month. Sean Manz is the producer of The Dust Jackets, whose LP Hartley came up for review a while back, and very nice it was too, if a little underdone. Anyway, The Modems are a live band who all live and work together in the same little house, now isn't that a novel concept? It would certainly help the band to gel more, or kill each other in the process depending on the way things go. I've done this myself a time or two and it really is the best way to pull a band together.

So what did it do for the Modems?

Well, they ain't dead and judging by This Is Why We Cry they are about as tight as it gets so I guess it worked for them. Although the track is filed under Hard Rock, its nothing even remotely close. Imagine an updated Steely Dan with a slicker Mick Hucknall soundalike and you'd have a good grasp of what The Modems actually sound like, but it wouldn't put across just how professional the arrangement and production on this assuredly pop track. Serious, one listen will show you that this is a pop song, no question about it. So why, then, is it under Heavy Rock?

The really serious point here is that this is a slick, professional number that screams radio play and, indeed if you want your own copy you will have to pay real money to own it. So is it worth your hard earned cash? Well if my description makes you curious do go have a listen, it is well worth that. Whether you then decide to shell out is up to you. Normally, I would put in a proviso here about paying for tracks but this is such a well produced 'product' that it would seem worth the money to me. Certainly, I'm going to be hanging on to my copy and looking further into this bands catalog because the potential here is stunning.

MUST HAVE classic pop.

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