Saturday, August 08, 2009

Avalanche - The Rest Of Me

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Whenever anyone asks me about where to find good unsigned rock bands, one of the very first groups I would be pointing at are Avalanche, about as solid a bet as you are likely to get if you need your rock BIG. As an example of how serious I am, grab a listen to the new David Pendragon-mastered Will There Be Tomorrow here. The original Will There Be Tomorrow (February 2009) absolutely blew me away with its exactness, its precision, and this remastering is exactly right for it.. There again, considering that Avalanche have been a live gigging band for over thirty years, they would learn a thing or two. Now obviously I'm smitten because I just love that classic rock style when its done properly and no one comes closer than Avalanche to that....

That there's fightin' talk btw.... ;)

A lot of the Avalanche material I have reviewed over the last year has been stuff in the pipeline (as it were) but The Rest Of Me comes to us freshly baked from the bands June July sessions at Rough Cut. Long time fans of the band will be a bit amazed at the change in style this time round, although when called on the band still delivers that essential classic rock feel. The outro, for example, is almost classic Avalanche but the minutes that precede it show a much more relaxed band, with one of the strongest songs I've heard from them yet.

Big kudos too on the vocals, a really effective harmony between Mike Foster and Mark Easton that works a treat. Mind you, it didn't strike me right off the bat. Indeed, The Rest Of Me took some getting used to because it is a bold move, and one that I think will bear solid fruit. After all, classic rock comes in all forms and with this one individual track, Avalanche cover a lot of those bases, evoking endless musical references back in time. In short, precisely what I would expect from a band that truly deserves all the credit and attention they have gathered in their time on Soundclick - long may they rumble on...

MUST HAVE Classic rock.

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dena_65 said...

I have two songs I'd like you to consider for review.

Awaking State *let it go*

Tattooed Millionaires *i wanna give it to you*