Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daniel Eboli - Spazio

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My first encounter with this Brazilian musician was with the excellent Redemption (July 2009), a lovely piece of world music with some truly splendid orchestral sounds into the bargain - very original and refreshing. As you can imagine, it scored a highly recommended from me, so I was looking forward to seeing another side of this musician. Although Spazio shares the world tag it is, unfortunately, followed by the two most dreaded words known to Gilmore: New Age. Now I'm a well known old fart and - as such - share many of the traits of senior citizens ie cantakerous and crotchey. I like what I like, know what I mean? What I don't like is that so much of the New Age is hear is so tired and formulaic (lame, to use the correct term) and certainly nothing that would inspire me. Having said that, there are some that get under my skin but that is a rare thing indeed.

The thing that I most liked about Daniel's last track was its originality, it's freshness of ideas. Bearing that in mind, I gritted my teeth and fired up Spazio and prepared myself for disappointment yet again. In the 'For Fans Of..' section of his Soundclick page Daniel has written 'Introspective absolute music' and you know what? I agree. As I said, I'm not a fan of new age and never have been but a lovely piece of music is a lovely piece of music regardless of genre. Spazio merely shows that Redemption is no one-off, if anything this track is cleaner and cleverer - it must be to win me and my mountain of predjudice over.

What makes Spazio a decent listening experience is the sheer attention to detail that Daniel brings to the party; his arrangements and his absolutely faultless choice of instrument and/or sound to put the point across. While it doesn't do much of interest, the tune never lags or plods as happens with most of its contemporaries and coming in just shy of four minutes isn't going to strain any one's attention span. There again if you like the genre, you will absolutely love the quiet stillness that is at the centre of this track. Excellent, and that's from a cranky, crotchety old fart who cannot abide anything that uses those two most dreaded words known to Gilmore.

Highly Recommended New Age (I'll never, ever live this down...)

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Daniel Eboli said...

What can I say, Mr Gilmore?

Another great review from you, I dont know if I deserve it.

As a matter of fact, this is a preety much old song, it is part of an album named "Universe Bloo". This album contains music composed from 1996 to 2002. I think that "Spazio" was composed, if I am not mistaken, in 2000.

I did not want to say anything because I think that music is what it is, does not matter if it is old or new, badly recorded or technically refined. You hear and you like it or not.

Said that, I wanted to say that, at the time I composed "Spazio"I was preety much bounded to rules and formats, i think the "Universe Bloo" compositions ae somewhat...weak. The songs are much poorer than my actual songs.

Yes, I agree, the words "new age" are getting another meaning. It is like "alternative", wich was preety much robbed by some contemporary rock fans and bands.

Anyway, I classify my music as "Introspective Absoulte music" It is a shame that we, the authors, could not write what we want and have to put our work under predefined genres. This means to me that I can not make anything new. Silly, huh?

But I am glad you liked it, I am absolutelly thrilled by your reviews, I really did not expected it.

Thank you again for the positive review and for your wonderfull work.

Take care